Civil Litigation

Experienced Dallas Area Civil Litigation Attorneys

Civil litigation covers a wide range of lawsuits between individuals, businesses, or a combination of the two. The process can be long and time-consuming, but it is the only way to receive compensation if someone has committed a wrong against you and neither they nor their insurance company are willing to take responsibility for your losses. If you have been threatened with a lawsuit, no matter how frivolous you think it is, you must be prepared to answer because failing to respond to a filed lawsuit can lead to you losing by default.

One of the most important things to know is that to give yourself a chance of success, you must be prepared to be actively involved in your case. We’ll work with you to find convenient meeting times and give you advanced warning of what evidence you need to gather so your case doesn’t take you away from your daily routine any more than necessary.

At Meyer & Colegrove, we have more than 25 years of experience representing individuals and businesses in civil litigation on both the plaintiff and defense sides. If you’ve been threatened with a lawsuit or are seeking compensation for a wrong committed against you, contact our CarrolltonĀ and Plano lawyers today.